The Philosophy

God, Adam and Eve, an apple tree, the snake and its temptation. This is where the duality of our world finds its roots: Eva gave into temptation, ate the apple, gave it to Adam too, and mankind knew the difference between good and evil.

Our entire mindset is based on the concept of duality: good or evil, man or woman, beautiful or ugly, true or false, cold or warm, love or hate, peace or war, and so on. Furthermore, we are taught during our early education that our life is the sum of our choices. We always need to choose one aspect of the duality: the true one.

Year after year of pursuing the true aspect of duality, I felt further and further away from the Truth. So I took a step back and acknowledged that the concept of duality isn’t really working for me. But what is then the Truth?

The only Truth is God, Creator of the infinite Universe and of everything therein. And God’s Creation is not distinct from Him, because the Creation is God, and God is his Creation. We are also God’s Creation, so therefore we are God. Everything is God. 

However, an unenlightened spirit cannot truly and directly experience God and his Creation, neither the unity thereof. Instead, we experience God and his Creation only as a projection through our dualist mindset, projection that we built for ourselves during thousands of years of decadence.
From this point of view, duality becomes only an illusion of our mindsets – what the Hindu tradition calls maya.

At that point I realized that life is not a sum of choices, from which only certain ones are correct and the others wrong. If duality is an illusion, if God is everything and if God is Truth, then Truth is everything and life is actually a sum of different perspectives, which are all correct. In other words, Truth is not to be found only in certain aspects of duality, but Truth is to be found in all Perspectives of Life.

This is the philosophy I live by, and this is the philosophy behind my art. All my paintings and photographs are the celebration of God, Love and Truth, as I see them through the countless Perspectives of Life.



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