The Artist

I first saw the light of day in Ploiești, probably the most enchanting Romanian town. I spent my childhood in-between the fairly busy neighbourhood where my parents owned a small apartment, and the strikingly peaceful village where my grandmother was still holding our family’s cottage.

My parents, whom I love and respect above everything, embraced me with unconditional affection and tender happiness, always offering me ultimately joyful and unforgettable moments. I discovered life step by step together with my younger sister, whom I adore, and who is my perpetual best friend.

My first years of school were marked by my parents’ tireless efforts to prepare me for the rest of my life, alongside my vivacious attraction towards knowledge. This was also the time when my dear mother kindled a love of art in me. I remember the way I used to bashfully contemplate her working, and the way she always generously pretended not to notice me. Gradually she started introducing me to all her work, be it the paintings, the handcrafts, or whatever else she graciously created. After a few years, I followed my parents’ encouragements and started myself to experiment and discover the priceless inheritance my mother left me: the passion and talent to observe and illustrate beauty.

After the intense and matchless years of high school passed, I moved together with my family to Bucharest, where I attended the History Faculty and the Political Science Faculty courses. The fulfilling university studies opened my path towards maturity and personal achievements, while the ambitious support and advice from my dear father encouraged me to take on life’s opportunities and speculate them at their full potential. Thus I decided to move to Bochum, Charlemagne’s 9th century royal court in western Germany, where I attended to my Master’s studies in International Relations. Upon graduation, I returned to Romania, where I spent only one year before heading on to the next adventure.

It is in the Sultanate of Oman where I finally found the peace and the time to attend to my art, the way I always dreamed of. It is also in Oman where I met my bellowed husband, a true patron of arts and a talented artist himself. He supported me by every possible effort to overcome my reticence and to pursue my passions. Art is not a profession that people could suffocate by limits and rules – he told me – but art is the divine gift of creation, which should be left to flow without constraints.

And here I am today: passionately pursuing photography, painting and various handcrafts, diligently committing to my job as kindergarten principal, enthusiastically visiting astonishing places, and happily enjoying my family life.



Abstract (1) Animals (1) Birds (1) Boats (1) Children (8) Crafts (15) Doors (2) Elders (17) Events (4) Flowers (8) Landscapes (4) Locks (2) Mountains (2) Paintings (1) Photos (45) Portraits (5) Ruins (2) Sea (4) Shipwrecks (1) Sunsets (3)