Friday, February 8, 2013

7,200 Omani Rials Donation to Oman Cancer Association

In celebration of Word Cancer Day, the Oman Cancer Association received on February 4 the 7,200 Omani Rials donation that was raised during the Art 100x100 exhibition last month.

The generous gesture follows the selfless initiative of Master Ibrahim Gailani, patron of Art 100x100, the kind support of Mrs. Sarah White, museum director at Bait al Zubair, and not least the enthusiastic work of all the artists who participated in the exhibition.

Founder of Oman Cancer Association, Yuthar al Rawahi, saluted the donation during a moving speech, thanking all who made it possible and expressing her hope that this will set an example for similar social contributions to the fight against cancer.

I was personally honoured to be a piece of the Art 100x100 puzzle, thus having the opportunity to bring my own contribution to its charitable cause.

During the donation ceremony, I had the chance to meet and talk with other participants to the exhibition, exchanging impressions and plans for the future. Probably the most exciting, and at the same time the most challenging idea that came out during the evening was to transform all this into an yearly habit.

Not least, together with my husband, we became proud new members of the Oman Cancer Association, eagerly waiting for occasions to further contribute towards reaching its goals.

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