Friday, January 11, 2013

Journey to Enlightenment

Life itself is a journey through duality and it is within the infinite Divinity where all aspects of life coexist. It depends on us, what we choose and what kind of luggage we decide to carry with us. Is it the fear that one embraces when life brings him a painful experience in the foreground, or is it hope, confidence and trust? 
Here are two worlds that can be chosen: down-world made of fear, despair, disbelief and suffering, and the top-world where pure, deep thoughts prevail, culminating with the power of enlightenment that gives life a whole new meaning, true meaning.

It is not wandering in dispair that will bring us to salvation, but our determined journey on the path to enlightenment. Should one search thoroughly within the Divine Nature of his soul, he will find the salvation he seeks.

Dedicated to all souls who are fighting cancer, and to those who are resting thereafter.

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