Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Go Green: Pre-School Recycling Art Exhibition

Would we like other people throwing garbage at us?
Definitely not! 
Neither does Mother Nature!

Do we care about what Mother Nature likes or not?
Definitely yes! She is our shelter, we need Her to survive!

So what do we do with our garbage? 
Recicle! It must be our duty!

Yes, but duties are not always fun... 
So let's make recycling fun: let's turn our garbage into art!

These are the reasoning and teachings we are passing to our children at American Lycetuff pre-schools. It is our philosophy to consistently integrate social and environment responsibility in the educational process, for ensuring the sustainable preservation of nature. We consider that we do not have the right to be ignorant by refusing our children, and the generations to come, their pleasure to enjoy nature just as much as we did at their age.

Beyond all the above, we also want to teach our children to observe beauty in anything and anywhere.

Beauty or ugliness are not in the objects of our sight, but in our sight itself. Therefore, there is no such thing as an ugly object, but it is actually our perspective that needs to be changed.

By showing the children how to create beautiful art from garbage, we teach them to always lay beautiful sight on everything around them, with no discrimination whatsoever.

And let's not forget that creating art is always fun! Playing with color and form brings joy to children, who are barely noticing the educational and creational components of such activities.

I am looking forward to welcoming you, together with my fellow educators and our young students, at our Recycling Art Exhibition on January 24, at the Muscat Grand Mall in Al-Khuwair.

More important, our young artists are eager to showing everybody how they  happily played, responsively recycled, passionately created art and respectfully paid tribute to beauty, all at the same time.

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