Friday, January 11, 2013

Art 100x100

Established artists, dilettanti, apprentices, novices and lovers of beauty, whose lives have been touched by the shadows of cancer, donated 100 works of art to be sold for 100 rials each. The funds thus raised are offered to those who are fighting the merciless disease.

The exhibition was organized under the patronage of well-known artist Ibrahim Gailani, who spent the last several months working intensively on this project. 

During his touching speech at the opening gala, Gailani shared with everybody the story of Art 100x100, which was born out of his own suffering, to comfort the sufferings of others. 
The enthusiastic efforts that lead to the accomplishment of the project were marked, according to its patron, by sharing emotional episodes of life, establishing soul-connections, friendships, and by gently healing painful wounds. Gailani said he never cried before as much as he did when working on Art 100x100. 

Be it artists who lost relatives and friends to cancer, or ones who sympathize with the suffering of the unfortunate, everybody came together as a family who takes care of its own and works selflessly towards the moral comfort of its members.

Under the auspices of the Oman Cancer Association, the event was generously hosted by Bait Al-Zubair Museum in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, between January 8 and January 10. 
The opening gala gathered more than 200 people, both exhibitors and admirers, reunited for one evening in unconditional love for those who are still suffering and for the ones who are resting thereafter. 

More than a quarter of the exhibited works of art were sold during the first half an hour after the gates were opened, rising to more than half sold until the end of the opening night.

I was fortunate to have been invited by one of my fellow artists and instructor Yousuf Alnahwi, to participate to Art 100x100 with my painting Journey to Enlightenment. I was even more fortunate for my painting to have been acquired among the many sold immediately after the opening of the gates, thus fulfilling its purpose and my hopes.

The beauty of all paintings in Art 100x100 was but a translucent veil around the pain, suffering, hope, courage, and, more powerful than anything and ever: our faith.

I am thankful to Gailani, for making Art 100x100 possible, to Yousuf for kindly inviting me to participate, and to Andrei Gabriel, my husband, for his continuous support. Above everything, I am thankful to God, for blessing me with the talent and opportunity to help his suffering children.

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